Our story

We are Edinburgh's original and most acclaimed walking tour for Potter fans. Consistently in the top 5 highest rated tours in Edinburgh on TripAdvisor, we bring the magical side of the city to life for thousands of visitors every year. We've been featured everywhere from The Times to PBS, and have even won a few awards along the way...

Stuart on one of the earliest Potter Trail tours, right at the beginning.

Originally founded in 2012 by Stuart Young, our first tours were often just for a handful of people. Since then, we've gone from 1 guide to 10, and from 3 tours a week to 2 tours a day!


Stuart and our earliest guides were members of Edinburgh University's Comedy Society, and we've never forgotten our roots – and still all of our guides are trained comic performers. We like to think this gives us a unique enthusiasm and theatricality in what we do, and our customers tend to think so too!

Will, one of our current guides, taking a tour in 2018.

Our tour has grown a lot since 2012, but we are still (and always will be) completely independent and locally run, and we pride ourselves on providing tours to anyone regardless of their financial situation. JK Rowling started writing in Edinburgh in very financially challenging circumstances and this is true of many aspiring writers. Our public tours are free with an optional donation at the end and that’s never going to change. We hope that this will help you to be inspired by Edinburgh too!


Our Commitment to Equality 

Many of you may be aware of JK Rowling's recent tweets concerning transgender issues. We have been very saddened and dismayed by these and do not condone the views she expressed in any way.

We at The Potter Trail want to say very loudly and clearly that we love and respect trans and non-binary people. You will always be very welcome on our tours. We do not discriminate.

We think it’s important to stand in solidarity with the trans community at this time and will therefore, once our real life tours resume, be donating a percentage of our profits to the Scottish Trans Alliance. They work to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Scotland.

It’s a difficult time to be a Harry Potter fan for many but we sincerely wish JK Rowling’s views not to diminish our appreciation of the books and their messages of inclusion and tolerance.

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