Virtual Online Tours

Looking for something fun to do from the comfort of your own home? Now you can experience our magical tour of Edinburgh from anywhere in the world!

We’ve decided to bring the Potter Trail to you! Our guides are offering virtual Potter Trail online tour experiences via Zoom.

We've made every effort to make these tours just as interactive and magical as our real life tours. Your guide will be live using a mixture of high resolution images and Google Earth. There will also be a house point competition, sorting ceremony and spell casting. The only thing we can't provide over Zoom is a wand so we recommend you bring your own!

Our guides are skilled at adapting the tour content to your group's needs. We receive a lot of school group bookings as well as families and corporate events.

We'll cover everything that we cover in our real life tours minus all the walking. This means the tour will last approximately 1 hour

Have a watch of the video below to get a better idea of what to expect on our virtual tours:

You can also click below to find out more about what we cover on the tour:

Or read on to find out how to book....

Public Virtual Tours

As of October 24th we are running weekly public versions of our virtual tours at 7.30pm UK time on Saturdays.


These are priced at £7 a head with children under 7 years old joining free!

Private Virtual Tours

You can also book our guides just for your own group at any time to suit you!

Our private tours can be booked for a flat fee of £50 for any group size up to 20 people.


Would you like to buy one of our private virtual tours as a gift?

Well now you can! Simply pay for the tour below to receive a code that a friend or loved one can use to a redeem a tour from our site at a time to suit them. You can choose to send them the code directly or get the code sent to you first if you'd prefer. The perfect gift for a Potter mad friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download Zoom to access the tour?

You do not need to download anything or have an account with Zoom to access the tour. However we recommend you download the desktop app for free here for a better, more stable experience! We also recommend viewing the tour on a laptop or tablet as opposed to a phone. Information on how to access the Zoom call will be sent once you have booked.

I do not live in the UK, how can I be sure I'm booking for the right time?

You can use the widget below to find out what time it is in the UK just now and hopefully work it out from there! Please be cautious if booking a tour with us between October 25th and 31st if you live in North America. Clocks in the UK go back at 1am on October 25th but do not go back in North America until 2am on November 1st. You'll need to subtract an hour from your time difference if booking in this window.

Are you able to offer private tours at any times not listed?

Our guides may be willing to work some antisocial hours between 10.30pm and 9am UK time. Please email our Head Wizard Richard at if you would like an antisocial start time and he work his magic! There will be an extra £20 added on to the tour price for this.

My group is larger than 20 people, is there a way we can still do a private tour?

You have two options here. You can split your group up and book multiple tours with us. We can use Zoom's Breakout Room function to run multiple tours of 20 people at the same time. You can select up to 4 groups of 20 per time slot using our booking system.  If you would really like your group to stick together you can let us know this in the Special Requirements box of our booking system. We can then add a £20 Large Group Charge once you have completed the booking.

I run a school/youth group. Are these tours safeguarded for young people?

Our virtual tours are set up to be as safe as possible for school and youth groups. All of our Zoom meetings are password protected with waiting rooms enabled. Our guides will always admit the group leaders to the call first and only then admit names that are recognised by the group leaders.

Is this tour suitable for children? Will they understand it?

The rule of thumb we like to use is – “if they’re old enough to read the books, they’re old enough to take the tour.” The Potter Trail has some creepy locations, and a few gruesome historical details, but there’s nothing in here half as likely to give kids nightmares as some of the scary scenes in the books! 


The tour is designed to engage kids and communicate information clearly. There’s plenty of audience interaction and theatrical touches tailored to keep their attention primed.


We wouldn’t recommend that very young children come on the tour. A good age guideline is 7+. For safeguarding reasons children must be accompanied by an adult. 

My partner/kids/friends are mad about Potter, but I’ve never even read it. Will I find it boring/confusing?


We certainly hope not! Although the tour is focused on the books and films, there’s also plenty of funny, atmospheric and informative content about Edinburgh’s literary history and real-world characters. If all you know about the series is that they’re about the adventures of a schoolboy wizard and are written by JK Rowling, then congratulations – you already know more than enough to enjoy the tour. No prior knowledge is assumed.

If you have any concerns or questions about how a virtual tour could work for your group please don't hesitate to contact our Head Wizard Richard at

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